Forget Dubai, These 11 Things to do in Fujairah Will Have You Falling in Love With the UAE

January 4, 2021Tom Spruce

These 11 incredible things to do in Fujairah tell you there’s more places to visit in the United Arab Emirates than just Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

You know all the about the glitz and glamour of the United Arab Emirates, right? Well, now here’s something completely different, yet altogether just as enthralling from the Arabian nation.

Take a tour of the city of Fujairah

Time for something different

For years now Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been sharing the majority of the spotlight when it comes to tourism in the UAEBut we’re here to tell you there’s more to this incredible country than just two Emirates.

Something of a hidden gem in the UAE, Fujairah is separated from the rest of the country by the spectacular Hajar Mountains. But it’s this separation which has ensured a wonderland of stunning beaches and incredible scenery have thrived. 

So what can you get up to in Fujairah?

11 Amazing things to do in Fujairah 

  1. Fujairah Fort
  2. Fujairah Museum
  3. Hajar Mountains
  4. Diving
  5. Al Aqah Beach
  6. Snoopy Island
  7. Al-Bidyah Mosque
  8. Bithnah Fort
  9. Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  10. Ain al-Madhab hot springs
  11. Masafi

Fujairah Fort 

Majestic Fujairah Fort has to be on your things to do list for Fujairah. Credit: Artharakan via Wikimedia

Constructed in 1670 and now sitting majestically as the centrepiece in a Heritage Village built by the Department of Archaeology and HeritageFujairah Fort is the oldest battlement in the UAEPlenty of grand halls are housed in the two round towers and square living area of the fort. The squared off housing area has been lovingly restored following attacks from the British in the 20th century and years of elemental damage. Take a tour of this incredible fort the next time you’re in Fujairah and discover a world of local history.  

Fujairah Museum  

Get a feel for the history of Fujairah with a visit to the museum. Credit: Jpbowen via Wikimedia

Another point of interest in the Heritage Village is the Fujairah Museum. Housing a wealth of incredible artefacts which paint a picture of life in ancient Arabia. A bowl carved from ostrich egg which has stood the test of time over 2,000 years is the star attraction. But you’ll be able marvel at a wide range of Emirati and Bedouin weapons, tools, cutlery and clothing as you travel through the fascinating museum halls 

Hajar Mountains 

The stunning Hajar Mountains offer a plethora of amazing activities. Credit: Toppazz via Wikimedia

There’s no escaping them, the Hajar Mountains form the backdrop to many scenes in Fujairah. These majestic mountains offer a myriad of adventures including wadi exploration. A wadi is essentially a dried-up river bed which make great terrain for a 4×4 tour. Take a guided hike around the mountains and discover some incredible nature and spectacular views out over the region. 

Al Aqah Beach  

Al Aqah beach is the perfect spot for some coastal relaxation. Credit: Rizwan Ullah Wazir via Wikimedia

From the mountains to the coast, Fujairah has it all. Al Aqah beach is one of, if not THE, most pristine stretches of coastline in the UAE. As Fujairah is the only Emirate on the east coast of the country, it lies on the Gulf of Oman side of the nation whereas Dubai and Abu Dhabi have coastlines on the Arabian Gulf side. This location on the Gulf of Oman ensures crystalline warm waters come with that stretch of powder soft, golden sand on Al Aqah beach.  

Snoopy Island 

Snoopy Island is a diving hotspot just off the Fujairah coastline. Credit: JSPhotography2016 via Wikimedia

A rocky outcrop just off the coast of Fujairah, Snoopy Island is another well-guarded secret of the Emirate. A haven for wildlife the dot of land is an incredibly rich spot to indulge in a spot of underwater fun. The plethora of marine life which call the waters around Snoopy Island home will dazzle as you paddle around. Water sports are also a big element to the good times on the island, kayaking or canoeing are a soothing way to spend some time spotting the wildlife and generally chilling in the majesty of nature.  


Woman diving through a school of fish
Check out the myriad of marine life around Snoopy Island

Now, we couldn’t mention the incredible amounts of marine life around Snoopy Island without bringing diving into this list of things to do in Fujairah. Many resorts along the coastline will offer diving or water sports so you can get out on the Gulf. Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa is one of the stunning hotels located right on Al Aqah beach. But with a PADI certified dive centre on site, the team will not only be able to coach you through the in’s & out’s of diving in the area if you’re a newbie, they’ll also be able to guide you to all the best spots. 

You may well catch a glimpse of sea turtles, sharks and rays coasting majestically through the warm waters as well as schools of kaleidoscopic fish. Many spots in Abu Dhabi offer reef snorkelling or diving trips, but Fujairah’s unique location on the east coast means you’re in the best place fosubmarine sea adventures 

Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa is the perfect place to enjoy a break on the Gulf of Oman

Al Bidyah Mosque  

Ancient Al Bidyah Mosque. Credit: Josephineagnes.j via Wikimedia

As you might expect, being a largely Muslim region, Fujairah boasts a wealth of landmarks dedicated to its religious heritage. The oldest of which is Al Bidyah mosque. In fact, Al Bidyah is the oldest mosque in the UAE. Made from a combination of mud and stone over 500 years ago it’s considered one of the great engineering accomplishments of its time.  

Bithnah Fort  

Bithnah is an 18th century fort in Fujairah. Credit: Marko via Wikimedia

Another mightily impressive fortification, this time from the 18th century. Bithnah Fort had the important job of watching over the eastern area of the UAE by maintaining the safety of the passes through the Hajar Mountains. Take a tour around the fort and discover a colourful world of stories from the region’s enthralling past.  

Sheikh Zayed Mosque  

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the biggest mosque in the country behind Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque. Credit: Mansour Mohsen via Wikimedia

Back to mosques and another must see in Fujairah is the incredibly opulent Sheikh Zayed MosqueLocated in the city of Fujairah, the mosque is the second largest in the country and certainly imposes itself on the cityscape. With a grand hall which can accommodate up to 32,000 worshippers you can get a feel for just how vast this incredible structure is. Whilst non-Muslim visitors aren’t allowed in the interior, you can walk around the breath-taking exterior and grab some pretty insane snaps.

Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs  

Natural underground springs pump warm sulphuric water into two main pools. Take a relaxing soak after a busy day of incredible sight-seeing. A particular favourite, over the weekend, with families. Men and women bathe in separate mineral pools at this popular site in the foothills of the mountains.  


Take a tour and explore Masafi village

Want to see a piece of everyday life in the villages surrounding Fujairah? Then Masafi is perfect. On your way into the village be sure to check out the markets at the side of the main road. Locals trade everything from fresh fruit and veg through to handmade crafts and artworks.  

Fujairah is proof that you can see more in the UAE than just glistening cityscapes and shrines to modern opulence.  

The separation caused by the mountains ensures this Emirate maintains a completely different way of life. The Gulf of Oman is stunningly beautiful and shrouded in natural beauty and captivating culture.  

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