This “Would You Rather” Quiz Will Tell You Whether You Should Be Going On A City Break Or A Beach Holiday When Lockdown Ends

February 24, 2021Tom Spruce

We can’t tell you how this works, but choosing from these tough “would you rather” questions will reveal whether you should plum for a city break or a beach holiday on June 21.

Should you be taking a city break or a beach holiday when we can all jet off again?

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Would you rather... dance along with or sing along with every song you hear

Would you rather... be able to teleport or go invisible?

Would you rather... be able to see 10 minutes into the future or 150 years into the future

Would you rather... find true love or win the lottery

Would you rather... cuddle a koala or pat a panda

Would you rather... spend a week in a forest or a night in a haunted house?

Would you rather... oversleep every day for a week or not get any sleep for four days?

Would you rather... have Billie Eilish’s future or Madonna’s legacy

Would you rather... you win £25,000 or your best friend win £100,000

This “Would You Rather Quiz” Tells You Whether You Should be going on a City Break or a Beach Holiday When Lockdown Ends
City Break

You've got the city break! 🌆🌆 Get your suitcase packed and start packing your sightseeing gear. What could be better than finally getting to explore a new city in an amazing part of the world. We're thinking Dubai!
Beach Break

You should head for the beach! 🏖 🏖 You're old school and now there's nothing you'd like more than to kick back with the sun on your face, cocktail in hand and sand between your toes. And if you're feeling energetic, you can always turn over 😎

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