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Goa's Top Ranked hotels

A beach-lovers haven awaits in Goa where white-sands stretch along the Arabian Sea. From the beaches of Baga and Palolem where the lively atmosphere and night-life infuses the environs, to the laid-back fishing village of Agonda which calls for a classic fly and flop escape. Infused with Portuguese architectural and spice influences, Goa is an escape for all of the senses.

Flight time: Approx 9.30 hours
Passport & Visa: Visa required for British passport holders
Currency: Indian Rupee (INR)
Time Zone: GMT+5.3
Language: Konkani


Soak up the eclectic atmosphere at the Goan Carnival and New Year celebrations, where Mankind partake in the gaiety from the far corners of the earth. The diverse religious and cultural make-up of Goa is celebrated through festivals Shigmo Mel and the Spring which unify the state's diversity.


Goan fare is fused with the tastes of coconut, chilli peppers and spices giving it a unique aroma. Delight your palate with a variety of fish cuisine. Distinct flavours are palpable between Goan Catholic and Goan Hindu cuisine, the former renowned for pork dishes, and the latter enticing the taste buds with exotic Goan stews. 


Goa enjoys top temperatures year-round with two distinct seasons: the dry season October - May and the wet season June — September. The warm climate and cool coastal breeze create a paradisiacal sun-worshipping ambience befitting of Goa's renowned beaches. Savvy Holidaymakers discovering Goa over the wet season enjoy all of Goa's charms along with lower fares.


Goa is home to rich wildlife and tropical biodiversity boasting more than 1512 species of plant and 275 species of bird. The coconut trees are plentiful, echoing their strong influence in Goan cuisine.