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Twice as nice for the best price. Explore our newest holiday concept today! With our Multi-Centre offers you could double-up the amount of incredible destinations you cram into your escape. Go from the hustle and bustle of Dubai to the balmy coasts of the Maldives or Mauritius in a matter of days. Or take the chance to see more of enthralling locations like Thailand from two HQ's. It really is the best way to start ticking off some bucket-list destinations.

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Start ticking them off

Our Multi-Centre adventures consist of two dazzling destinations, bundled together to create one heavenly holiday package. Starting in Dubai you'll be able to explore the incredible metropolis. But we won't place you on the outskirts, no, with our deals your in the heart of the action right on 'The Walk' at JA Ocean View Hotel or next to stunning Festival City Mall at InterContinental Dubai Festival City. After three days in the city, we'll sweep you off to a paradise-like location to round off your stay in five-star accommodation in the Maldives or Mauritius.


We know the word "itineraries" can come across a little bossy and while nobody loves being told what to do, we do have a schedule to keep when it comes to delivering your perfect multi-centre adventure. But all this means is making sure your airport transfers are taken care of, and all you have to worry about is settling in at your amazing abode. Once there you can do what you like, no forced fun insight.


As part of a laundry list of perks, with a twin-centre package you can experience upgraded accommodation. So, not only will you be exploring two incredible locales, you'll be doing it from the comfort of a boss-level berth. But just because we've given you one upgrade doesn't mean you have to stop there. If you want to push the boat out, you can. Choose to upgrade again for a cut-price fee, and before you know it, you'll be living like multi-centre royalty. You're welcome, your majesty.


There's no "eat here" or "eat there" on your twin-centre break. The lunch table is your lobster. Choose to stay in resort to satiate your appetite, or if you're exploring downtown Dubai, for example, you might want to indulge in some high-quality local gastronomy.

Best of both worlds

If you constantly find yourself and your holiday partner are at loggerheads trying to decide what type of holiday you want, Multi-Centre trips strike the balance beautifully. If one of you always wants to be off exploring while the other prefers to centre their exploring around inspecting the inside of their eyelids on a sun lounger, we present the happy medium.