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Known as the Jewel of Arabia, Oman is a traditional country home to some dramatic landscapes featuring rugged mountain ranges, vast deserts and quiet white sand beaches. Here you can explore caves, go trekking and scale to new heights whilst rock-climbing. Take a visit the traditional Omani villages or visit the cosmopolitan capital of Muscat, blending traditional seafaring heritage with modernity. Marvel at Oman's many palaces, forts, museums and mosques reflecting the country's cultural heritage as one of the oldest civilisations on the Arabian Peninsula.

Flight time: Approx 7.30 hours
Passport & Visa: Tourist card upon arrival for UK passport holders
Currency: Omani rial
Time Zone: GMT+4
Language: Arabic


With incredibly hot summers and pleasantly mild, Mediterranean winters, Oman’s climate is typical of the Arabian peninsula. The country really heats up during the summer, from May to July the thermometer can often nudge up to 40°C.


Influence by its seafaring links with the Far East and East Africa, Oman's cuisine is spicy, though not overly so, and generally served with rice. Dates are given as a mark of hospitality throughout the country and are often served with khawa or Omani coffee. Khawa is prepared from freshly roasted ground coffee mixed with cardamom powder. Wash your meal down with this unique cardamom-flavoured coffee or tea.

Things to Do

Activities on offer range from soaking up history in the country's well-preserved forts, to spending the night Bedouin-style in the desert or "wadi-bashing" in 4x4s. There are plenty of empty white-sand beaches for sun lovers while desolate, challenging mountain routes tempt those with energy to burn. Ecotourism ventures are on the increase as word spreads of the country's unique geology, diverse bird life and crowd-free shifting desert sandscapes.


For incredible diving, Bandar Al Khayran Reserve is is a firm favourite with no less than twenty-two locations to choose from. Sailing and fishing along the coastal areas of Oman is also extremely popular. For a one-of-a-kind experience, discover Oman's traditions camping amid the vast desert in a traditional Bedouin tent. Enjoy barbecues as you listen to oud music beside a camp fire as a carpet of stars light the sky above.


Muttrah Souk in Muscat is a popular place to visit in Oman and you can witness all sorts of goods being traded, which can be quite enthralling. Down sidestreets and alleyways there are a multitude of boutique shops selling authentic silver jewellery, embroidered fabrics and traditional head scarves.