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Each of the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles exudes an undeniable utopian essence quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Everything here reads from the textbook for paradise: crystalline waters, powder-fine sands, tropical greenery and primal blue-green colours wash over every inch of the Seychelles. Turtles, tortoises and whale sharks are just some of the natives that call the Seychelles home, all of which coexist harmoniously with ultra-luxurious hotels. Honeymooners have flocked to the Seychelles for many turns, and one look at the photos is all the reason you need to follow suit.

Flight time: Approx 9 hours
Passport & Visa: No visa required for UK passport holders
Currency: Seychelles Rupee
Time Zone: GMT+4
Language: Creole, English and French
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Peoples of African, European and Asian origin have come to Seychelles in a variety of contexts, bringing distinct traditions and customs that contribute to the vibrant ways of Seychelles culture. See these influences for yourself in local art, cuisine, music, dance and architecture.


Creole cuisine in The Seychelles features the subtleties and nuances of French cooking with the exoticism of Indian and Oriental tropes. Seafood dishes feature predominantly in the local cuisine, appearing alongside the national staple, rice.


Diving across the 115 islands of the Seychelles is astonishingly diverse. The Inner Islands, remnants of a submerged mountain range, rest on a shallow plateau with an enormous diversity of marine life and excellent PADI diving facilities. The Outer Islands to the south of the archipelago are coralline, sandy and mainly uninhabited, presenting the experienced diver with excellent opportunities to explore beyond the edge of the map.


More than any other long-haul destination, The Seychelles are warm and welcoming without extremes. Temperatures seldom drop below 24°C or rise above 32°C. Most islands are comfortably outside the cyclone belt, and the north-west trade winds that visit October - March create calm seas and well-balanced humidity.