World-Class Accolades

January 24, 2014Tom

TripAdvisor have just named their Travellers’ Choice Top Hotels Worldwide, honouring the world’s most luxurious properties based on the reviews of countless holidaymakers just like you.

And the good news is that two of the best and brightest of the bunch can be found right here with us! We’ve even supplied some motion pictures to get you in the mood for an exotic adventure, so turn the sound up and prepare to be wooed…

Baros, Maldives

Baros is exclusive, unspoilt, and idyllically located in the centre of a stunning Maldivian atoll, encircled by its own reef and a pristine lagoon. To ensure Baros’ sandy shores retain their untouched feel,  the Maldivian family who first leased the island from the government still operate it to this day, with the dedicated aim of conserving the island’s intrinsic beauty. Owing to this commitment, Baros’ water villas cooperate with the lush vegetation that enfolds them, providing you with luxurious accommodations that honestly harmonise with the distinctive allure of the Maldives.


•  Beautiful water villas that elegantly emerge from the Baros lagoon

•  Variety of renowned gourmet dining options at The Lighthouse and other venues

•  Unparalleled opportunities for reef snorkelling, sunset sailing, or a romantic dinner for two


Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

Taking its name from the graceful Arabian Oryx, the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa has been inspired from the ground up by the award-winning desert conservation it overlooks. Wildlife thrives, providing a privileged opportunity for you to experience first-hand the staggering majesty of the desert. Built in the image of an ancient Bedouin encampment, this secluded getaway offers personalised, seductive holidays that draw directly on the region’s history of outstanding hospitality.


•  Spectacular natural setting that lends itself to wildlife drives, nature walks, and desert safaris

•  ‘Dune Dining’, allowing you to enjoy fine cuisine on the rolling desert sands

•  Unwind and relax like nowhere else thanks to the vast array of treatments at the Timeless Spa


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