Blue Waters Inn: An Authentic Tropical Escape


Travel with us to Blue Water Inn, Trinidad & Tobago and discover a secluded paradise on Batteaux Bay

Known for its diverse tropical landscapes, Tobago is becoming an increasingly popular destination for British holidaymakers. The quintessential Caribbean Island offers an element of untouched beauty with its secluded beaches and natural coral reefs.

Intimately located in the horseshoe-shaped Batteaux Bay, the boutique-style Blue Waters Inn creates a secluded location for an unparalleled retreat to take time out. Batteaux Bay lies on the north-eastern coast of the Tobago. Luxuriate in some of the island’s most phenomenal views of outlying islands Little Tobago and Goat Island, from the privacy of Blue Waters Inn‘s very own beachfront infinity pool and hottub.

Blue Waters Inn, Tobago

“The quintessential Caribbean Island offers an element of untouched beauty with its secluded beaches and natural coral reefs.”

However, not everyone arrives in Tobago to flop on the beach; Blue Waters Inn presents you with some of the world’s best dive spots and the oldest bird sanctuary in the western hemisphere. This intimate boutique hotel boasts 38 rooms, all of which are sea facing, so prepare your eyes for panoramic beach views of Little Tobago and Goat Island. Little Tobago claims the largest and oldest Bird Sanctuary in the Western Hemisphere and is only a 10 minute boat ride away. Or simply unwind to the sound of waves lapping on the shoreline and feel connected to the environment.

The diverse and abundant marine life is the reason why Tobago is one of the best kept secrets of the underwater world. With dives ranging from Angel Reef for beginners, to intermediate and advanced drift dives at Japanese Gardens, London Bridge and Blackjack Hole, some of the most phenomenal dives in the region are minutes away from the hotel’s private dock. Blue Waters Inn Dive’N is the onsite PADI 5 star facility boasting highly qualified instructors who will guide you beneath the blue horizon.

Blue Waters Inn, Tobago

“Some of the most phenomenal dives in the region are minutes away from the hotel’s private dock.”

Drift along the Guyana Current and pass through Kelleston Drain, home to the largest brain coral in the Caribbean, keeping an eye open for Nurse Sharks and Sting Rays resting where reef meets sands. Dolphins are also known to patrol the area along the edges and overhangs, so be on the lookout. Thousands of multi-coloured fish flit in and out of the sponges, resembling little butterflies. Or if you prefer to stay dry, take advantage of glass bottom boat tours, a window to see the ocean’s most prized gems. See, I told you Tobago was a diver’s Mecca.

But diving isn’t Tobago’s only hidden secret, the flora and fauna is yet another diamond among the rocks. Uncover tropical rainforests, dramatic waterfalls and rugged ravines. Hike over blood-pumping routes snaking through valleys teeming with birds to emerge on cliff-top precipices with mesmerising views.

Blue Waters Inn, Tobago

“Uncover tropical rainforests, dramatic waterfalls and rugged ravines.”

Argyle, Tobago’s highest waterfall, is only 30 minutes away from Blue Waters Inn and attracts not only travellers but locals to its torrent of cool, refreshing water that flows down from the three dramatic levels. What’s more, it’s not hard to miss; being 54 metres high the thunderous sound of the waterfall can heard for miles before you can see it. Not to be missed.

In between your adventures, savour alfresco dining at the beachfront DriftDeck Bar to recharge your energy levels whilst enjoying a classic Caribbean sunset. Or for more upmarket dining, Aqua is an ideal place to unwind and relish your surroundings. Experience first-class dishes, two nights per week to get a true taste for Tobago.

By now, you will have fathomed that Blue Waters Inn truly is a nature lover’s paradise. Escape to the world’s leading eco-tourism destination and discover some of nature’s most astounding pearls.

If you’d like to know more about Blue Waters Inn, press that trusty orange button below. Otherwise, leave your questions in the comments below.

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