Romantic Escapes at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu

May 2, 2017Charlotte

Few places look better in real life than they do in the brochures, but the Maldives were never atolls to conform. Diamond-white sand beaches, crystal clear lagoons and dazzling astronomical displays look lifted from a movie screen, marrying the Maldives into a picture-perfect real-life island fantasy. Exclusive and secluded, this corner of the world oozes romance, and is simply paradise.

Befitting the Maldives catalogue, Adaaran Select Meedhupparu promises that Maldivian utopia you’ve always envisaged. This boutique sanctuary offers a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, presenting unparalleled luxury with a touch of tradition. Here, nothing is done in halves, right from the word go a lasting impression will be infused. Be whisked away with a 45 minute sea plane transfer and embark on one of the world’s most scenic journeys, as you soar over islands of all shapes, sizes, reefs, atoll formations and more.

“Exclusive and secluded oozing romance, this corner of the world is simply paradise.”


Glistening seascapes
Stroll along some of the most beautiful beaches along the Indian Ocean, and let miles of sugar white sand and crystal blue water beckon you to relax under the Tropical sun. Just follow the path to the water’s edge. Bask in the quintessential white, blue and green elements of Maldivian seascapes. Let elusive vistas melt your earthly worries and lift the stresses of urban existence. Transport yourself into a world of relaxation and indulgence.

Your villa awaits
Imagine waking up to miles of azure waters stretching out before you. This very vista awaits you at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu‘s Beach Villas, where indoor and outdoor are fused seamlessly. Elegant furnishings offer ample space to unwind with every luxurious comfort moulding a tranquil bolthole that you can both embrace. The secluded location of Over the Water Bungalows guarantees you will feel like you have the whole blue world to yourself, and nothing could be more romantic than that.

OTW Villas 2

Superb dining
Sample an array of delectable tastes and flavours at any of Adaaran Select Meedhupparu‘s three unique restaurants serving everything from fresh, succulent seafood to signature European delicacies and high tea. Let your taste buds enjoy a celebration of mouthwatering flavours as they combine to conjure up a culmination of dishes at Adaaran‘s signature dining venue, Café Mass.

Vibrant coral reefs 
A rich rainbow of colours line the underwater landscapes of the Maldives, populated with a vast variety of underwater life that has captivated divers for decades. Explore the underwater world in its most vivid sense, plunge into the house reef at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, and neighbouring dive sites; keep your eyes peeled for manta rays gliding through the water and hammerhead sharks prowling the seabed.

Truly Maldivian experience
Soak up that classic Maldivian charm on a trip to one of the virgin islands. A haven where you can customise your experience: bask in untouched nature, be amazed by the undisturbed sounds of nature, and watch the sky come to life with sunset hues. Amidst the pleasure of blissful solitude, the island is simply yours for your every whim. Or, head to Chavana Spa and choose from a myriad of Balinese garden-inspired therapies, while fresh floral aromas soothe your senses.

“You will hard pressed to find anywhere that compares to this jewel in the Indian Ocean’s crown.”


The Maldives really is one of few places that ticks all the boxes in terms of romantic escapes. Whether you’re looking for somewhere private and secluded to spend quality time with your loved one, or you’re on the quest for the perfect honeymoon destination, you will hard pressed to find anywhere that compares to this jewel in the Indian Ocean’s crown.

This could well be your heaven on Earth, Holidaymaker.


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