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September 3, 2019Laura Sargeant

The Maldives are famous for their crystal-clear turquoise waters. Dive beneath the waves and a kaleidoscope of multicoloured life will greet you. With breath-taking coral reefs and endless sparkling ocean, water-lovers will be in their element. For those keen to take a dip in some of the Maldives‘ best snorkelling and dive spots, without the harmful environmental impact, a selection of luxury hotels sit ready and waiting to oblige. We’ve pulled together our favourite Maldivian resorts for incredible diving and snorkelling delights along with a whole heap of other added eco-friendly luxuries. Read on for everything that makes Angsana resorts in the Maldives so incredible.

Angsana Ihuru with Tropical Warehouse

Angsana Ihuru

If you’ve ever dreamed of a private island escape, surrounded by nothing but serene ocean and pristine white sands, Angsana Ihuru is the place to be. Discover true barefoot luxury on an island framed with lush greenery and serene amenities. Just a 20-minute speedboat transfer from Male International Airport, the pristine house reefs are home to an abundance of underwater life, ready and waiting to be explored.

A Deep Dive with the Marine Lab

Home to an incredible house reef, perfect for snorkelling. Angsana Ihuru is the perfect place to discover the serene waters of the Indian Ocean. The first of its kind in the Maldives, the Marine Lab pioneers marine research and conservation. Join expert marine biologists and explore the breath-taking life living beneath the waves in Angsana Ihuru’s house reef. With black tip reef sharks, stingrays, turtles, parrotfish and more to be discovered. Take part in a guided educational snorkel, or join the efforts to search the reefs and remove harmful coral-eating Crown of Thorns Starfish. With a large reef restoration program, Angsana Ihuru is home to the first ever electric reef in the Maldives.

Angsana Ihuru diving with Tropical Warehouse

Caring for the Waves

At the core of Angsana Ihuru’s ethos is a focus on sustainability. The resort is renowned for its environmental programmes, with silver certification from EarthCheck and more. Aiming to be a completely plastic-free resort, Angsana Ihuru has reduced its single-use plastic usage by 76% since 2018. Using glass bottles and paper straws to care for the surrounding wildlife that makes the Maldives so special. With solar panels on every roof and harvesting rainwater for use, the resort is passionate about sustainable luxury. A tree-planting initiative even provides communities with coconut, mango, breadfruit trees and more whilst supporting mangrove and sea grass initiatives.


Other Ways to Make a Splash at Angsana Ihuru

Kids wanting to take part in their first diving experience can take advantage of training in the shallow lagoon. With child-friendly scuba gear under the guidance of certified instructors for a fun bubble-making lesson. Those not wanting to take the plunge can take a kayak out for a spin, or hop on a catamaran tour of the islands.There is even night fishing, dive trips and banana rides to enjoy.

Beach at Angsana Ihuru with Tropical Warehouse

Angsana Velavaru


With fast-paced water-side fun paired with serene relaxation, Angsana Velavaru is the perfect private island escape in the tranquil surrounds of the Indian Ocean. Live life above the waves in a one-of-a-kind over-water villa, or make the most of the white sand beach in a tranquil land villa. The Choice is yours. With frequent excursions to visit local communities, the resort offers the opportunity to engage with the Maldivian way of life whilst providing an income to the surrounding areas. And, with the resort’s ‘101 things to do’ concept, you’ll never fall short of something to keep you occupied.

Angsana velavaru by Tropical Warehouse

Discover Underwater Life

From fishing to Waboba (water frisbee), Angsana Velavaru has a world of aquatic adventures waiting to be discovered. Join the marine conservation program to see how the resort cares for the local wildlife and corals as you discover a mind-boggling array of turtles, seabirds and coral communities around the island. Coral planting labs let you get hands on replenishing damaged reefs with the production of coral reef nurseries and more. Those looking to explore the waves should head to the PADI 5-Star Gold dive centre. With classes for every level of experience. With windsurfing, catamaran sailing, wakeboarding, canoeing and more, the water sports centre is the perfect destination for sea and surf-lovers.

Angsana Velavaru over water villa Tropical Warehouse

Over-Water Havens

From beachfront villas perfect for relaxation to villas stretched out on stilts above the water. Angsana Velavaru offers a serene selection of accommodations to make your stay perfect. Dangle your feet into the balmy Indian Ocean waters from your very own ocean-suspended hammock when you stay in one of the over-water havens. Or, take a dip in your own private infinity pool as it seems to blend seamlessly with the picture-perfect horizon. Looking for the ultimate over-water luxury stay? Book your dream stay in one of the Two Storey Over Water Sunrise Pool Villas. Complete with private infinity pool, a dreamy bathtub set within glass walls offers endless views of the ocean whilst the rooftop terrace is perfectly designed for in-villa spa treatments.

Infinity pool angsana velavaru by tropical warehouse


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