QUIZ: Plan your meals for the day and we’ll give you a Mauritius resort to visit

15/01/2021Lauren Tobin

Plan a day of meals in lockdown and we’ll reveal the perfect Mauritius resort for you.

With all the amazing choice in Mauritius, why don’t we select your perfect resort for you?

Meals and Mauritius

Here at Blue Bay, we love food nearly as much as we love holidays (holidays always win of course!) So, we thought, while we can’t go away, why don’t we combine our two loves for a bit of fun? Plan your meals for the day to find out which Mauritius resort you should visit next!

You probably don’t need a Mauritius travel guide to know it’s a beautiful destination, rich with culture and beauty. But our Big Blue Sale is choc-full of amazing Mauritius bargains and you want to be sure you’re getting the perfect one, right?

Well we’ve thought of everything for you. All you have to do is walk us through the perfect menu for a day in lockdown and we’ll reveal your Mauritius resort. 

Plan your meals and we will take you directly to your Mauritius match!

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