Design Your Perfect Valentines Meal & We’ll Reveal Your ideal destination

February 9, 2021Tom Spruce

Take us through your perfect Valentines meal and we’ll reveal which romantic destination is perfect for your next break.

man and a woman kiss on the street with two red heart ballons
Valentines Day has come around again, but what are your plans for the obligatory Valentines meal?

Where is the love?

It’s that time of year again. When we all turn to Cupid in an attempt to woo our other half’s all over again. Or we look entice the affections of people we don’t know.

Some maybe thinking one good thing to come out of this this horror-show year is we can’t head out on tragic, cringey dates with complete strangers. 

Others, however, will be looking forward to settling down to a “two can dine in for a tenner” deal from a certain supermarket chain whom shall remain nameless. Before canoodling together on the sofa in front of the fire in your finest lockdown sweatpants. 

Let’s face it, if you’re still in love after this train wreck of a year, you’re in for the long-haul.

The time of year where we try to woo strangers with cheap flowers and expensive food is back

Romantic prep

Whichever way you celebrate the day, all we know is a valentines meal is usually at the epicentre of the festivities. And in lieu of not being able to go on a romantic trip away, we thought you could use this pause in partying to prep a valentines 2022 blow out.

With our latest quiz we’ll take all the work out of planning that super romantic getaway for next year. 

Just take us through your perfect romantic meal & we’ll reveal where you should be spending your next Valentines Day. So you can treat your beau or just that select group mates with a trip to somewhere extra unforgettable.  

Get crafting your perfect Valentines meal

Choose your Aperitif

A nice glass of something to soothe the palate before your meal - and maybe calm you down while you're on your big V Day date
Show hint

What starter are you having?

Pick your dish for the fish course

Tough one for you vegans - but there is an alternative course for you. However, the quiz doesn't work unless you pick something - so maybe just close your eyes and point?
Show hint

We're looking after you vegans too - what would you have for a vegan course?

We though this would come out for vegans as an alternative to the fish course - but if you're not vegan go ahead and pick what you'd have anyway. You never know, what you pick my change your life!
Show hint

What's your main course gonna be?

Now for the serious business, desert...

Now choose your after dinner drink, or digestif.

Design your perfect Valentines Day Meal and We'll Reveal Your Ideal Holiday Destination

Downtown Dubai skyline

A swan around the big city is perfect for you on Valentines Day. You're all glamour, so only the finest things will satiate your appetite, both at the dinner table on holiday. Touch down in Dubai with your big shades and stunning holiday wear. Then settle down to all the champagne and oysters you can get through.

Beaches in the Maldives

You're a purist. You like your your classic Martini's, your starters scallop-y, your mains beefy and your romantic breaks sunny. We can't we blame you, after all, look where your choices in life have lead. A beautiful meal and a holiday to a paradise island! Can't be bad!

A tropical beach landscape in Mauritius

You're easy to please on a romantic meal. You like a bit of everything. From a classic Negroni through to giving a vegan delicacy a go! As long as you get the chance to end your meal with a lemon meringue and a good stare at the worldie you're dating all's good with the world

You've got Thailand and it's all down to your caring and sharing nature. You may have picked that chocolate fondue for two thinking "well they won't eat any, so it will secretly be all for me" but we see through that. We think at your core you're happy as long as everyone else is happy, oh and a G&T on the beach helps too...

Bali is perfect for you and your modern lifestyle. You care about looking after this beautiful planet and whoever's lucky enough to take you out on a Valentines meal better share your passion for the climate awareness & preventing cruelty to animals. We salute you. never change

What now?

Now you know where you should be whisking your significant other off to. How about we turn that dream into a reality

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