Believe It or Not, We Can Tell Which Emirate You Should Visit Based on the Cats Pics You Choose

17/03/2022Tom Spruce

It’s a tale as old as time, pick your favourite cat and we’ll use science to extropilate which Emirate you should visit. 

Which Emirate should you pick
Let’s get on with picking the right resort for you. Photo by Vangelis Kovu on Unsplash

Struggling to decide which Emirate you should visit in the UAE? Well us and our cats are here to help.

This quiz is paw-sitively made for cat (and UAE) lovers. All you need to do is stare at a load of feline imagery, pick your faves and we’ll show you which Emirate you should visit. 

But before we start, if you’re not sure what your options are, why not check out our complete guide to the UAE

If the Emirates and cats have you purring with delight, then this is the quiz for you. 

Let’s pick some tabbys

Pick a Surprised cat

Pick an Angry Cat

Pick a Goofy cat

Pick a Happy cat

Pick a Sad cat

Pick a Playful cat

Pick a Sneaky cat

Pick a Sleepy cat

Pick a Smol cat

Pick Your Cats And We'll Show You Which Emirate Should You Visit

Pack your bags, you're off to awesome Ajman
Ras Al Khaimah

Pack your bags, you're off to ravishing Ras Al Khaimah

Pack your bags, you're off to dazzling Dubai

Pack your bags, you're off to fantastic Fujairah

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Let’s get you there

Now you know where you should be booking, why don’t we make it so. 

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