22 Pictures of Greece We Can’t Stop Staring At

    18/08/2022Melissa Keeling
    Beautiful Santorini. Photo credit: Heidi Kaden, Unsplash

    These epic pictures of Greece perfectly capture the love we have for this amazing destination.

    Join us on a whistle-stop tour as we showcase a selection of stunning pictures of Greece. Taking in mainland and the islands, they perfectly capture the unique charm of this incredible place. From the delights of Athens to charming Corfu, it’s time to explore Greece

    Let’s Start in Santorini

    Think of Greece and we’re pretty sure an image of Santorini springs to mind. From delightful architecture to some of the best Instagrammable spots in Greece, this island has it all.

    The famous blue & white domes of Santorini. Photo Credit: Tomas Eidsvold, Unsplash
    Stunning Santorini views
    Stunning Santorini views. Photo Credit: Philip Jahn, Unsplash
    A traditional street in Oia.
    A traditional street in Oia. Photo Credit: Dimitris Kiriakakis, Unsplash
    Buildings etched into the rock formations
    Buildings etched into the rock formations. Photo Credit: Jeet Dhanoa, Unsplash

    Next Stop Mykonos

    This popular resort appeals to those looking for a high-end luxury getaway and often attracts the rich and famous. Take a look at these beauties and you’ll see why it’s so popular.

    White windmills on Mykonos
    White windmills on Mykonos. Photo Credit: Adrijana, Pexels
    The beautiful streets on Mykono
    The beautiful streets in Mykonos. Photo Credit: Jimmy Teoh, Pexels
    Enjoy the bay.
    Enjoy the bay. Photo Credit: Luke Webb, Pexels

    On to Zakynthos

    Home to the famous Blue Lagoon and Shipwreck Beach, it’s all about blue skies and oceans in Zakynthos, also known as Zante.

    Take a visit to Shipwreck Beach
    Take a visit to Shipwreck Beach. Photo Credit: Katya Shkiper, Unsplash
    Explore the island.
    Explore the island. Photo Credit: Erik Karits, Pexels
    Blue Caves
    Dive into the water at the Blue Caves. Photo Credit: Dimitris Mourousiadis, Pexels

    Corfu Calling

    Choose Corfu for a trip down memory lane, with quaint streets, the Old Town and much more to peruse. With so much to see and do in Corfu, a visit is recommended.

    Classic Corfu. Photo Credit: Bert Bohemian, Unsplash
    Vlacherna Monastery
    Vlacherna Monastery. Photo Credit: Vadim Lu, Pexels
    Aegean blue oceans in Corfu
    Aegean blue oceans in Corfu. Photo Credit: Giorgos Pigis, Unsplash

    Scenic Skiathos

    A chilled out island with beach vibes and awe-inspiring scenery, enjoy these images of Skiathos.

    Skiathos view
    Who wouldn’t want to spend an hour sitting here? Photo Credit: @Skiathos, Unsplash
    Beach day anyone? Photo Credit: Nick Karvounis, Unsplash
    Quaint streets are yours to explore. Photo Credit: Ondrej Bocek, Unsplash

    Mainland Greece: Athens & Parga

    We couldn’t show you the best pictures of Greece without including the sights of Athens and Parga. There’s so much to see in Athens a day here is always well spent, but our 10 incredible things to do should be top of your list.

    Don’t miss the amazing Acropolis. Photo Credit: Spencer Davis, Unsplash
    Ancient relics on display in Athens
    Ancient relics on display in Athens. Photo Credit: Mohammed Zar, Pexels
    Shopping history & more in Athens
    Shopping history & more in Athens. Photo Credit: Markus Winkler, Unsplash
    Picture-perfect Parga
    Picture-perfect Parga. Photo Credit: Calin Stan, Unsplash

    Where to Stay?

    There’s a plethora of amazing places to stay in Greece and the pinnacle of these has to be the incredible Domes Resorts, found in some of the best locations the Mediterranean has to offer.

    With luxury at the forefront you can expect an unforgettable stay, so to learn more simply click the button below.

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