QUIZ: Can You Guess These Tropical Flags?

25/08/2022Holly Keates

Would you consider yourself a pro when it comes to naming flags? Why not test yourself, and see if you can get ten out of ten with our Tropical Flags Quiz.

World Flags
I think I see the flag of Hungary.. Or is that Italy? Photo by Saj Shafique on Unsplash

So, how are your geography skills? You may be able to recognise a few flags, but do you think you can get top marks on our Tropical Flags quiz? With 254 flags in the whole world, there’s no shame in not knowing all of them!

If you’ve not already tried our Ultimate Caribbean Island Flags Quiz over on our Caribbean Warehouse blog, why not warm yourself up first. Or, just jump straight in! 

Will it be the colours that confuse you, or maybe it’ll be a symbol that will just slip your mind…

Never gonna quiz you up

Name this flag

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Do you know this one?

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Can you name this one?

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Do you recognise this flag?

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Can you guess this one?

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Name this flag

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Can you name this flag?

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How about this one?

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Does this look recognisable?

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What do you think?

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QUIZ: Can You Guess These Tropical Flags?
Did you just not read the title of the quiz properly? It seems you've got lost somewhere.. We will let you move on now.
Oh wow... So you're not the best at geography. No judgement here! You can always give it another go.
I mean, it's definitely not the worst... Perhaps you could do with a little bit of geography revision next time.
We're quite impressed to be honest! You've either guessed your way through, or you know what you're talking about.
*Round of applause* Great job! You've got top marks, your geography teacher will be proud.

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