You Feta Believe It! 6 Places to Sample the Best Feta Cheese in Greece

11/08/2022Ben Adams

If you are a cheese aficionado and find yourself heading to the Mediterranean any time soon, you Feta keep reading as we reveal where to go to sample the best cheese in Greece.

Streets of Athens

A Brief History of Feta

Did you know that in Greece, they don’t consider Feta, Feta – unless it’s from sheep or goat’s milk? That’s right! Although Feta can be made from a combination of sheep, goat, and cow milk, the traditional method uses just sheep or goat milk to produce creamy goodness.

But what makes Feta so popular in Greece? With a rich flavour and soft texture, Feta is a great table cheese to accompany any meal or a versatile ingredient for many Greek dishes. But depending on where you are in Greece, you may get a different-tasting Feta – from soft and buttery to hard and tangy. The amount of milk used and production methods can differ.

Feta cheese

Where is Feta produced?

The good thing about Greece is it’s easy to island-hop. Therefore, if you’re searching for the best-brined cheese on your travels, rest assured, you’re in good stead. The region of Thessaly, in central Greece, is a considerable producer of the stuff and is deemed to have a more intense and robust flavour. You can also head to the following regions, including the Peloponnese, Epirus, and the islands of Lesvos. To explore authentic locations where Feta gets produced.

To learn more about the production of Feta, watch the handy YouTube video below.

So where can you try the best Feta chees in Greece

  • Paramythia Traditional Cheeses
  • Eladia Deli Food
  • Kostarelos Cheese Factory
  • Mia Feta Bar
  • To Spiti tis Marios
  • Karakanas Cheese Factory

Paramythia Traditional Cheeses

Starting our list, we’re heading to Paramythia Traditional Cheeses. Located in Corfu, the small and independent shop provides a variety of cheeses from dairy producers from the town of Paramythia. Alongside other Greek delicacies, you can be sure to find heavenly Feta to tantalise your tastebuds. The quaint shop has rustic aesthetics and a wonderful cheesy aroma. The shop is worth the visit if you’re exploring the cobbled streets of Corfu.

Explore the island of Corfu

Eladia Deli Food

Next up, the idyllic town of Neos Marmaras has many great places to grab a light bite. Eladia Deli Food is notably an exquisite eatery popular on TripAdvisor that provides delicious dishes. A fantastic option for a late breakfast or lunch, the contemporary establishment highlights local delicacies, including an excellent selection and use of cheese. Presenting gyros to pizza, you can tuck into omelettes, salads and more. With many return customers, we recommend stopping off to see how they work Feta into their popular dishes while visiting Halkidiki.

Greek Dining

Kostarelos Cheese Factory

Heading to Kostarelos Cheese Factory, you can sample gourmet cheese in all its glory. Or enjoy a diverse menu of sandwiches and soups from the shop. Located in the heart of Athens, locals are familiar with Feta production from this famous supplier – who produces it by the barrel! Moreover, with a rich lineage of cheese connoisseurs that dates back to the 30s, the third generation of the family now runs the shop, where one can enjoy a light lunch or buy products in bulk from the independent factory.

Greece factory

Mia Feta Bar

With a name derived from the love of Feta, you can enjoy a variety of exceptional cheese and wine at Mia Feta Bar in Thessaloniki. The establishment is a fantastic spot for lunch or dinner if you’re a bit of a Foodie. Or if you want somewhere impressive to eat on your holiday. The presentation of the dishes is very Instagrammable. The restaurant includes lots of cheese platter options alongside truffle risotto with Feta mousse, Greek orzo salad, and Feta saganaki. The Bar also includes semi-locally sourced wine from vineyards and organic produce in all dishes. Mia Feta Bar is worth the visit.

Greek cusine

To Spiti tis Marios

For a taste of true Greek gastronomy in all its glory, To Spiti tis Marios is a must-visit. Providing quality food in the village Kalavrita, enjoy creative al fresco dining with a beautiful backdrop. Here, you can experience traditional Greek dishes, including some of the best Feta cheese in Greece. The tavern provides rolling mountainous views as you relax around the fireplace with your loved ones. And soak in the culture. Situated in the central part of Achaea, the food here is deemed some of the finest in the Peloponnese. Complete with a beautiful location, the impressive eatery is Greece’s best-kept secret.

Greek tavern

Karakanas Cheese Factory

Available for in-store shopping, pickup or delivery, Karakanas Cheese Factory prides itself on its quality products and has been crafting its traditional dairy recipes since the 70s. Furthermore, you can also sample butter, yoghurt, and other dairy products in addition to Feta. Located in the quaint town of Stefanovikio in Thessaly, the milk used in production varies from livestock in Pelion Mountain and around Lake Carla. Their artisan recipes of old used to get crafted on the road to preserve the milk, but this historic supplier has come a long way.

Cheese in Greece

You Feta believe it!

As a nation of fine gastronomy, wherever you go to sample some Greek delicacies on your Mediterranean break, you’re in for a real treat! But for the cheese lovers and Foodies in the group. We’d highly recommend checking out some of the above places to sample the best Feta cheese in Greece.

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