Veranda Resorts, the Heart of Mauritius


Discover Paradise at Veranda Resorts from only £1,562pp

You don’t need to excavate your pockets to discover amazing experiences when it comes to Mauritius. There are a wealth of affordable, accessible, and above all incredible holidays to be found on this island, which refrain from offending any budget and offer some truly remarkable insights into the treasures of Mauritian culture.

Just look at Veranda Grand Baie.

Even their Comfort Rooms, the lead in category at the resort, have been carefully designed to offer the finest alfresco living in keeping with the Mauritian way of life. The ground floor Comfort Rooms even feature a terrace, framed by palms and the rich greens of Mauritian plant life. It is easy to imagine yourself sitting on such a terrace, the straw of an ice-cold cocktail between your lips, as the sunset is heralded by a slight breeze ripened with exotic pollens. You’ll be equally lavished inside your room, as a minibar and a flat screen TV ensure that you have everything you need for some quiet nights together, comfortably sequestered in each other’s company.

But most importantly, you’ll keep coming back to Veranda Grand Baie because of the charm, courtesy, and honesty of its welcome. Veranda are deeply passionate about personable service, and everyone you’ll encounter at Veranda Grand Baie will do everything they can to elevate your holiday to new levels. They’ll become your friends, recommending the best drinks, the best meals, and perhaps even sharing their favourite stories about this beautiful island. They are not merely here to serve you, but to talk, to listen, and to laugh. They are the embodiment of the life and soul of Mauritius.

But there are stories to be told in these stones, above and beyond the care and attention that underpins its hospitality. Tapping into the great diversity of Mauritian history, Veranda Grand Baie invites you to write your worries and troubles onto slips of paper and throw them into a ritual fire known as the Tire Tracas.

In the deep orange glow of the fire, brows and knees are lightly touched by the restrained power of the flames as you sit at its side. Your palms grip a simple strip of paper that embodies your worldly worries, and passing it into the furnace unleashes a deluge of magnificent sensations. The great release of heavy burdens. The brief whisper of smoke that touches your eyes. The charcoal scent of paper cast into fire, consumed by primordial heat, and reduced to an ashen simplicity.

It is an act that is symbolic on many levels, representing a newfound freedom from your troubles, but also a return to a time when relationships were forged and fostered around open flames, and the magnitude of the universe went no further than the intimacy between friends and loved ones.

As the haze of the Tire Tracas combats the darkness, both of the night sky and the worries within us, and its flames briefly illuminate strange insects like fleeting meteors, life here in this Mauritian moment is simply better. Veranda Grand Baie is not just a place to rest your head, it is a place of celebration and discovery, where you are delivered into an island culture that is endlessly enriching.

Mauritius is inherently a transformational space, so it should come as no surprise that your holiday at a place such a Veranda Grand Baie would be equally transformed by virtue of its spectacular island setting.

And the same is true for its Veranda sister resorts.

At Veranda Paul & Virginie Hotel & Spa you’ll find the ideal romantic getaway, were time is immortalised in the gentle swinging of a hammock and the deep calm of the wind between the trees.

Veranda Pointe Aux Biches Hotel offers to bathe your feet as a symbolic gateway into a barefoot island experience, where the feel of sand and earth beneath your feet will liberate your senses. The founding tenant of Veranda Pointe Aux Biches is the freedom of the mind, as you loose yourself in exotic landscapes and the fine indulgences of the spa.

At Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel, tranquility permeates every inch. Rustling palms will lull you into regenerative sleep and the spa will pamper your body and soul with naturally inspired treatments.

All of these resorts are about discovery and rediscovery, bringing you pieces of the Mauritian way of life that will resonate deeply with you and your companions.

As is fitting for our motto, Mauritius will take you on journeys that go beyond your expectations, and the exceptional value of Veranda resorts make this island and all of its bounties accessible to everyone.

Discover Paradise at Veranda Resorts from only £1,562pp


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