Blue Bay Spotify Sessions: Music of Mauritius

April 14, 2020Martyn

Get in the holiday mood with our Music of Mauritius ultimate Island playlist

If there’s one thing we love as much as travel, it’s music (and peanut butter cups, but I couldn’t think of an excuse to write a whole blog on my beloved Reeses treats).

Music provides a soundtrack to all precious moments of our lives and what’s more precious than a holiday? Just the opening lines of Will Smith – Miami instantly takes me back to the moment I stepped my toes on South Beach. Music can also give us an insight on places around the world that we are yet to experience, giving us the vibe of the destination and letting us imagine the feel, culture and atmosphere through our speakers.

With that in mind I have curated a playlist that lets your ears escape to marvellous Mauritius. So whether you want to take a trip down memory lane of your greatest getaways to the island, or you are considering it as a destination for your holiday hit-list, let these tunes take you there.

Get To Know Mauritius Music

The traditional music of Mauritius is known as sega. Reggae, zouk and soukous are also influences that can be heard in the upbeat Island rhythms. Take a listen to my top picks and transport yourself to the Indian Ocean…

Alain Ramanisum is a Indo-Mauritian sega musician. He is most popular for performing in the Mauritian Creole language.
Let Zulu and Jason Heerah take you to paradise.
DJ Assad, is a Mauritian-French disc jockey and record producer that constantly delivers the bangers.
DJ Assad delivers the goods again.
Cassiya is one of the most popular sega music groups from Mauritius and it’s clear to see why.

The Ultimate Mauritius Playlist

Like what you hear? Add our Mauritius playlist for even more top tunes.

Bonus Track

Ok so this is not strictly in-keeping with the island-theme of our musical journey but if you have followed me this far I thought I would treat you with my personal song of the moment. In today’s climate, Alicia Keys is keeping me inspired and motivated with her anthemic bop and I have it on constant rotation, enjoy!

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