Tell us Your Bake Off Journey and We’ll Reveal Your Perfect Black Friday Maldives Resort

November 24, 2020Tom Spruce

Pick your journey through this year’s Bake Off competition and we’ll tell you which Maldives Black Friday resort you should try.

This year might have been a pretty unpredictable beast.

But two things are certain in this world. 1) everybody loves a sunny holiday and 2) we’ll lose our collective minds every time Bake Off and Black Friday come around. 

Bake Off + Black Friday

Lucky, then, that every day is Black Friday on Tropical Warehouse, thanks to our amazing Subscriber Exclusive offers. 

But this year, to add to the Bake Off hysteria, we thought we’d create this quiz. We want to see what you’d do if you were put in Peter, Laura, and Dave’s position(s)

Our Bake Off journey quiz will track your path through this year’s competition and give you an amazing Maldives Black Friday destination to definitely visit based on what you choose to create for each week of the competition. 

So, dust off your pinny, kiss your lucky rolling pin, and whip up your best egg wash. Let’s get into the quiz and see where you’re going! 

Congrats on making it to the final by the way! 

NB. After you’ve finished your bakes you’ll be whisked through to your perfect resort’s exclusive offer page on Tropical Warehouse. Do not be alarmed, your journey has lead you here!

Quiz Time

Week 1 - Cake Week

Which one of these would you be tackling to wow the judges?
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Week 2 - Biscuit Week

Week 3 - Bread

It's the dreaded bread week, which one of these wheaty buggers are you going to temp the judges with?
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Week 4 - Chocolate

It's getting serious now
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Week 5 - Pastry

Week 6 - Japanese Week

Proof that the judges want you to cry on tele, keep it together! You can do this, get through this week and you can do anything!
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Week 7 - 80s Week

They're having a laugh now... the only thing hotter than your pre-heated oven at this point is your Google recipe search page
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Week 8 - Dessert Week

You've got this! You've been smashing desserts since the 80s, you know, last week!
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Week 9 - Patisserie Week

Big boy/girl pants time. Go and give them a Parisian dream. If ol' blue eyes doesn't like it, throw it at him
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Take us on your Bake Off Journey and we’ll reveal your perfect Maldives Resort
South Palm
Reethi Beach

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