Furaveri Island Resort Development Project: Everything You Need to Know

05/05/2022Tom Spruce

The team in charge of Furaveri Island Resort development are planning conservation work aimed at preserving the destination’s breath-taking natural beauty.

The water villas at Furaveri
Furaveri Island Resort development work is scheduled to take place through 2022.

The Furaveri Island Resort development work will commence on 10 May 2022 and is scheduled to last until the end of the month.

What Work Will be Completed?

Part of the majestic beauty of the Maldives is the private paradise island aesthetic. However, islands in the stunning archipelago only sit a matter of feet above sea level. So, battling the elements is an on-going task.

The Furaveri Island Resort team have called in the developers to help construct a sea wall. The barrier will sit on the western shore, to help protect the island’s natural beauty.

Here’s what the project will look like

Why Is the Work Happening?

As with any stunning Maldivian island escape, the exposed destination is powerfully picturesque. But the secluded island trope does leave the resort somewhat exposed to the elements.

In fact, through 2021, while the global community were trying to come to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Raa Atoll was also experiencing a more aggressive monsoon season than usual

Intensified winds and rain, as well as aggressive wave and tidal currents battered Furaveri. Monsoon season normally runs from May – July and doesn’t cause too many issues to resorts or guests (above it being slightly windier than normal), however, 2021 was built different.

Although this wave breaker in Port Louis isn’t dealing with the same type of waves we’d typically see in the Maldives, it gives a good indication of how the breaker will work.

Countrywide Effects

Aggressive monsoon conditions were still being recorded on the island deep into October and November. Local outlets were even reporting storm conditions in the Maldivian captial as late as December.

The rapacious conditions caused flooding across the islands. But they also resulted in the acceleration of natural erosion eating away at Furaveri’s west coast beach.

Consequently, the resort was informed that, if unchecked, this erosion may start to affect the structural integrity of some areas of the resort. With that in mind, the development team have been forced into action.

Aerial graphic of Furaveri Island
The works are scheduled to protect the natural beauty of Furaveri island

Will My Booking Be Affected?

As the developments progress there could be some noise disruption during working hours. 

If you’re due to be in resort from 10 May 2022 until the end of the month when the work is scheduled to take place we will be contacting you directly with more information. Or you can drop our Customer Service team an email on: customerservice@bluebaytravel.co.uk

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