39 Pieces Of Street Art In Port Louis That Will Blow Your Mind

25/03/2021Tom Spruce

You may not know this, but there’s a heap of dazzling street art in Port Louis that will leave your jaw on the floor.

There are some eye-popping works of art all over Port Louis

Street art on the rise 

We promise, the street art in Port Louis is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and these 39 examples will prove it.

Far from the “[insert name] woz ‘ere” messages you often see scrawled on railway bridges in the UK. These works of urban art in Port Louis are mind-blowing. But where did they come from? And, above all, why aren’t they vilified by the government?

Street art is now coming through as a super-trendy addition to many areas across the world. Contemporary regions of the UK like Manchester’s Northern Quarter, London’s Soho and Shoreditch, and Easton in Bristol have all welcomed colourful iconography on to their urban landscapes. Now it seems Mauritius are blazing a trendy trail in the Indian Ocean.

Stunning Port Louis is being made even more attractive


Refreshingly, the Mauritian government have embraced the works and have even commissioned artists to add murals all over the city.  

In fact, the Porlwi by Light Festival is a celebration of contemporary arts, held every December in the Mauritian capital. There’s music, dancing, and,  artworks happening across the city. All with the aim of celebrating the culture, heritage, and nature of Mauritius.

Mauritius comes alive during the Porlwi festival in a miasma of sound and colour

For example portraits in Port Louis capture shots of Mauritius’s vibrant wildlife and the relationship we have with nature. Above all the pieces inject life into tired urban scenes which helps attract tourists to the area.

After years of the festival kaleidoscopic murals now adorn many walls, streets, and run-down buildings in the city. Rather than allowing the old brickwork to drag the city down, the government have used awesome artists’ work to transform the structures into dazzling installations.  

This bounding fox piece is an example of the vibrant artwork

Let’s see some amazing street art!

seth_globepainter has created some of the most iconic pieces in the city. This piece was added to a wall in front of where a school used to stand

Devid.Art uses bold black lines to emphasise his work

Check out this awesome piece by Daphnedoomun

Check out these stunning works by Armand Gachet livening up cold and decrepid sites.

Ink and Clog delivered this beauty on a rundown building

This stunning piece by Andrea Wan works on the delicate balance between humans and nature, and the beauty within that relationship.

Alternatively to the nature-inspired pieces, David La Gesse and Falkland Artist prefer to look towards cultural influences on Mauritius from Africa, Europe and Asia. 

Bault has created some wonderfully eye-catching pieces for Porlwi

Brian Lamoureux has a unique style of utlising colour and lines to create show-stopping works 

Calligraphic artist Vincent Box detailed this incredible dodo mural. The dodo was prolific on the island until its extinction. 
The detail in this piece is staggering

While we’re talking about staggering detail we can’t help but mention Evan Sohun

In addition to those natural themes of Sohun’s work, Shelvi Art created this aquatic wonder to liven up a local street

Fred Boulon is another incredible artist using natural Mauritius to inspire his Porlwi piece

Similarly to Andrea Wan’s works, the beauty and strength of nature is reflected in this piece by Frau Isa

Likewise, Joanna Le Gesse also infused her work with the stunning beauty of nature

Anoushachaos incorporated stunning colours and topical messaging into her statement pieces


Manga has played a huge role in the street art in Port Louis, especially over in Chinatown with amazing artists likeJaybrushstrokes and Urmila Narsiah


The amazing Nitish Chendrapaty-Appadoo has created some incredible Eastern inspired works. 

Check out Nitish Chendrapaty-Appadoo as @ncaoffline

More from Chinatown 

Similarly to Bault, Devid, and Box, this stunning mural uses bold colours to liven up an aging building
Like the piece above Artist Wang Jiang (Tom) created this dazzling display using Pekin Opera Masks

Take a tour of the Street Art 

Can’t get enough of Mautritius?

As you can tell from all this amazing artwork, this island is full of excitement.

But there’s even more to see here than just beaches and murals. Click the button below and you’ll be able to click through another eye-popping array of images from Mauritius.

However these ones will focus on the people and natural beauty of the place. After that we’re sure you’ll be ready to get booked up. Ready to start exploring this amazing island for yourself. 

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