25 Words or Less, Why You Need a Holiday… (Updated September 2021)

September 21, 2021Tom Spruce

The traffic light system has finally gone. So, we’ll tell you in 25 words, or less, why you need a holiday!

Let us tell you in 25 words or less, why you need a holiday

What an 18 months…

Okay, first off, we haven’t started counting words yet. We’ll tell you when the ticker is starting. Secondly, after that 18 months, we all need a holiday! 

Whether it’s a jungle safari in Khao Lak, Thailand or an opulent over water villa escape in the Maldives. We NEED to get away

However, if you’ve been guilty of doing or been unfortunate enough to have seen any of these things happening in the past few months – then it’s definitely time to get that place on the plane booked.  

Blue Bay to the rescue

It’s not a bad thing to want a break. That bit of time away, so you can transform back into your usual beautiful, charming, debonair self. Rather than the pasty, pyjama-wearing, popcorn-scoffing, unwashed-hair-sporting, Netflix-binging creature you’ve become. Soz hun, just facts. 

But it’s okay, you didn’t do this to yourself, 2020 did. Although, look over there, like Gandalf emerging in the east at Helms Deep. It’s 2021 and the traffic light system has been scrapped.

Plus, The Big Blue Sale is here. As the glossy-maned steed that will carry you off into the stunning horizon with the beardy wizard we all love. Now be gone foul binging creature! Holiday’s are back! 

Big Blue Sale Has Landed

Okay, so… this is it. 25 words, or less, why you need a holiday.  

You need a holiday if you’re displaying any of these symptoms:  

The ticker is on! Start counting (not counting that “start counting” or this, or this… just start from now!) 

Swimwear’s eaten by moths 



Winter is coming

Reporting friends ‘inappropriate’ beachy Insta pics 

Can’t remember your last break

Never awake  

2020… do-we-need-any-other-reason 

Stop the count

That’s it! In 25 words or less, why you need a holiday. Count them! 

Just for clarity on the rules, words with a “-” between them count as one word. Don’t start getting upset that we broke the rules, what was sign number 2?  

In all seriousness though, holidays are essential for our mental health. They help do so much more than just improve our mood and give us a nice tan. So, really, it’s your duty to get your 2021 break on the cards ASAP! And we can help, just click the button below to see our latest world-beating offers in the Big Blue Sale

Big Blue Sale Has Landed

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