Quiz: Can You Find The Actual Weird Laws In Thailand?

15/09/2021Tom Spruce

Take our quiz and see if you can pick out the weird laws in Thailand that are actually real.

Taxi's, people and colourful signs on the streets of Bangkok
Do you think you can identify the true laws of Thailand?

You may not know it, but there’s a whole bunch of weird laws in Thailand. But can you guess which ones are real and which are fake in our new quiz?

Take the law into your own hands

Sounds easy right?

But you have to remember, we’re talking about a country where it’s illegal to go out without underwear on

So, do you think you can sort the wheat from the chaff and tell us which of these strange decrees are real and fake. 

Take the quiz now. 

Take the Thai laws quiz

Which of these is a weird Thai law?

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Can you guess the actual Thai law?

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Post 10pm apartment urination is actually illegal, but in Switzerland. You should be fine in Thailand

Can you guess the correct law?

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The fine for using the spiny fruit maliciously depends on how many spikes strike the other person

Can you pick the right food and drink law

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Although it seems the Thai law men allow the resorts to get away with this one

Find the real Thai law

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Can you guess the right law?

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Thai's love their monarchy, you can actually be arrested for not standing and respecting the anthem

Can you guess the acutal Thai law?

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We told you they love their monarchy in Thailand

Can you guess the correct law?

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In fact, having vaping equipment on your person could be punishable by 5 years in prison. Although, that burial plot law is actually real in Sarpourenx, France. This is because the local cemetery is close to capacity and the Mayor passed the bizarre law in 2008 with a warning that "Offenders will be severely punished."

Which of these is a Thai law?

Correct! Wrong!

If you get caught drinking underage in Thailand you might actually be slapped with a prison sentence

Can You Guess The Real Thai Law
You will definitely get arrested if you go to Thailand - but, then, there was always that risk wasn't there.
Not bad at all. You may just survive your trip to Bangkok! Survive... but not thrive.
Are you a cop? Because you gotta tell us if you're a cop

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Did you manage to discover the actual weird laws in Thailand?

If you need more assistance, or just want to find out more about this intriguing country, check out our guide to some of the weirdest things to do in Thailand – trust us, it gets freaky.  

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