9 Reasons Why Dazzling Domes Lake Algarve Should Be Your Next Short-Haul Escape

27/10/2022Tom Spruce

Domes Lake Algarve is a shimmering monument to five-star luxury. And it’ll only take you around three-and-a-half hours to get there! Winner!

Domes Lake Algarve
Getting to know Domes Lake Algarve

If you’re thinking about jetting off to the continent for a short-haul escape, with glamour, then Domes Lake Algarve has everything you need

Bringing together contemporary style, incredible service, and staggering vistas, the resort promises a five-star getaway that has been elevated above the ordinary. 

In this blog, we’ll give you the grand tour before plotting out all reasons why this stunning resort should definitely host your next European adventure. 

Introducing Domes Lake Algarve

This beautiful resort is part of the wider Domes Resorts family. The group boasts a reputation for crafting unforgettable, high-end escapes throughout Europe. So, you know this place is going to be pretty special. 

But before we start dissecting all the reasons to stay here, why don’t we give you a brief resort overview?

Made up of 192 rooms and boasting 4 restaurants and 2 bars, as well as a spa, fitness centre and a selection of freshwater pools. Domes Lakes Algarve has everything you could possibly want from an elevated Portuguese escape. 

9 Reasons to Book Your Stay

  1. It’s more than just a pretty location
  2. Vibrant Vilamoura
  3. Modern chic accommodation
  4. Award-winning restaurants
  5. Choice of water sports
  6. Golfing galore
  7. Sink into the spa
  8. Kids are welcome
  9. Upgrade for less

1. All about location

Domes Lake Algarve benefits from a unique location. When you think about this particular area of Portugal, your brain probably conjures images of vast sandy beaches.

However, the resort twists the narrative by finding itself dotted on the banks of a vast private lake. While you can still access the nearby coastline, here you can feel as though you have this stunning location all to yourself

In addition, you won’t have to worry about huge travel times. The short-haul flight of only around 3 hours is then backed up by a simple 30-minute transfer from Faro International Airport. So you’ll be lounging by the lake in no time. 

  • Aerial view of Domes Lake Algarve
  • Sand around the main pool
  • One of the freshwater pools

2. Visiting Vilamoura

Adding to that point about the location. You’re also in the perfect position to explore the beautiful, cosmopolitan town of Vilamoura and its stunning marina. 

There’s a selection of things to do in Vilamoura adding to the popularity of the town. Its history as a Roman fishing centre is worn around the area. Historical sites like Loulé Castle, Cerro de Vila, and Castelo de Paderne are perfect examples. 

However, if you prefer your entertainment more present day, there are water parks, casinos, and a vibrant nightlife scene to help fill your itinerary. 

Loulé Castle, Algarve
Loulé Castle

3. Modern chic accommodation

Heading inside the resort, starting with the rooms, the contemporary design features follow you around. 

Stylishly fitted with decor inspired by the surrounding lake and wildlife. Your beautiful accommodation stares out over the changeable landscape.

Meanwhile, regardless of which room category you book, you’ll have access to high-end amenities like a large comfy bed, bath and shower facilities, vanity facilities, and the all-important room service.

But if all that’s not enough, you can always upgrade to Haute Living. An elevated area of the resort where improved amenities, services, and comforts add even more opulence to your stay. 

  • Inland Retreat room
  • Twin beds
  • Absolute Suite at Domes Lake Algarve
  • Living area
  • modern bathroom

4. High-end restaurants 

As you may expect from a chic five-star resort surrounded by bodies of water, seafood is prevalent on the menus of these high-end eateries. 

Delights from across the Med come together to adorn the trendy tableware of venues like Topos an award-winning, neo-Greek venue. 

Meanwhile, stylish restaurants like Makris on the Lake and, the newly added, Sora Beach Restaurant specialise in delivering delicious seasonal menus showcasing mouthwatering organic, locally sourced ingredients. 

  • Sora Beach Restaurant
  • Topos restaurant
  • Makris by the Lake Restaurant
  • Gustatio Restaurant

5. Choice of Water Sports 

However, there’s more to this dazzling resort than a great location, comfy rooms, and celebrated cuisine. 

You can also get out on the shimmering lake via a range of water sports. For an additional fee, you can try your hand at anything from kayaking to scuba diving. 

Two people paddleboarding on a private lake
Try your hand at some paddleboarding

6. Glorious golf

What would a stay in the picture-perfect Algarve be without a round or two? 

Regarded as one of the leading golfing destinations in Europe. The Algarve is studded with staggering courses and you’ll enjoy being just 5 minutes from some of the best in the area. 

Moreover, the resort’s free shuttle can take you directly to 6 of those awesome locations. Time to start perfecting your swing. 

People playing golf in the Algarve
Catch a round at one of 6 incredible courses around the resort

7. Visit the resort spa

Soma Spa is home to all things peace and tranquillity at Domes Lake Algarve. Step in and savour the opportunity to switch off completely at the adults-only indoor space. 

Treat your senses to lavender and chamomile-infused treatments which imbue your body with a sense of calmness. Or, if you prefer to energise your soul, there are other treatments that can help you do that. 

Elsewhere, beauty therapies and exfoliation circuits can leave your skin with that lasting holiday glow. 

Soma Spa
Soma Spa

8. Bring the family

All this peace, tranquillity and high-end services aren’t out of reach of families either. Thanks to added amenities like the Kiepos kid’s club, Babysitting services, and a fun playground. But, in true Domes style, these aren’t just ordinary junior facilities. 

Far from being full of lights, colour, and overwhelming stimulus. The kids club offers your little ones the chance to learn, develop and create special memories. 

Plus, the experienced staff in the club deliver fun itineraries that follow learning models like Montessori and Reggio. In fact, the multilingual programmes meet UK Ofsted childcare standards

Kids Club
Kiepos Kids Club

9. Bag an Upgrade

Not to diminish any of the reasons that have gone before. But a really strong justification for booking your next break at Domes Lakes Algarve is our latest half-board offer. 

The deal will see you take your adventure to the next level in a glorious Tropical Retreat room for less than £1,050pp.

What more encouragement could you need?

Main pools at Domes Lake Algarve
Upgrade and save on your Portugal adventure

Experience it for Yourself 

With the sweet music of the incredible offer still ringing in your ears, we thought it was the best time to bring this explorative blog to an end. 

But the story doesn’t have to end there for you and Domes Lake. All you need to do is click the button below to start building your free online quote today. 

You could be sunning it up on the Algarve, in the lap of luxury, in no time. 

Request a quote
Request a quote

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