How To Do Phuket On A Budget: Our Complete Guide

21/10/2022Tom Spruce

Seeing a new city can take its toll on your purse strings. But what if we told you, you can easily do Phuket on a budget?

Visit the beaches of Phuket on a budget
Here’s how you can still have a good time in Phuket on a budget. Image from Pexels

Doing Phuket on a budget is achievable and we’re going to show you exactly how. 

In this blog, we’ll run through everything from where to eat, places to check out and, of course, where to stay in order to keep your Thai adventure as affordable as possible. 

By the end of this piece, you’ll have a full Phuket itinerary that’s big on fun but little on cost. 

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Getting around 

Getting around in a new city can be expensive, especially if you’re getting taxis everywhere you go. 

But a good way to curtail the cost of your trip is to make use of public transport. If you want to explore the best beaches in Phuket, the public beach buses will take you from the town to the coast for around 50 baht (about £1.20) on the shortest journeys.

However, the cheapest way to get around the area is via a songthaew or photong. Journeys on these colourful buses or converted pick-ups can cost as little as 35 baht

Those bus options are perfect if you’re not thinking of moving around Thailand from Phuket all that much. However, if you’re planning on getting out and about more or you want to dodge some of the huge congestion, then you may want to think about hiring a moped or scooter. Scooter rentals in Phuket are prevalent and affordable. Decent bikes will cost around 200-300 baht a day. Or there’s always the trusty Tuk-Tuks. 

Eating on a Budget in Phuket

There are some incredible places to eat in Phuket. The city is full of mouth-watering tastes, smells, and restaurants. 

But the best part is, you can find whatever culinary delight you like in the city and it won’t cost the earth. From street food to haute cuisine there’s a world of options. 

In fact, there are many Michelin Star restaurants in Phuket that offer affordable delicious dishes. For example, locations like Kha Mu Boran or Jongjit Kitchen offer authentic Thai cuisine at modest prices. On the other hand, if you do fancy splashing out one night, how about checking into Pru. The first restaurant to hold a Michelin Star in the new Phuket Guide. 

Street food in Phuket
Try some of the most delicious street food in the world. Photo by Bao Menglong on Unsplash

5 Best Things to do in Phuket on a Budget

Just because you’re aiming to keep your Phuket visit as frugal as possible doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the best activities and attractions. 

These 5 things to do are as memorable as they are affordable. 

  1. Baan Teelanka
  2. Visit temples
  3. Explore a night market
  4. Phi Phi Island day trip
  5. Tour the viewpoints

1. Baan Teenlanka

Thailand’s first upside-down house is an amazing attraction to have on your Instagram. Wonder around the topsy-turvy world of Baan Teenlanka where you can enter through the roof and try your hand a couple of themed escape rooms. 

With entry fees at around 220 baht, the upside-down house is a perfect way to have an amazing time and keep the costs down. 

2. Temples

The unique temples in Thailand dazzle with gilded features and unique architecture and there are about 30 temples or “wat’s” in Phuket.

Wat Chalong, the Big Bhudda, and the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho are among the most famous temples in Thailand. And the best part is – they’re all situated in Phuket.

3. Explore a night market

Exploring the night markets in Thailand is a great way to get a better feel for the local culture. The Phuket Weekend Market is one of the best ones in the country. Get your fill of affordable street food, crafts and souvenirs along the rows of stalls. Plus, entry is free. 

4. Phi Phi Island day trip

It may sound like an expensive activity to head out to a luxurious, idyllic destination for the day. But a day at Phi Phi island doesn’t have to drain your whole budget.

Grabbing a 90-minute ferry crossing from Rassanda Pier will only cost around 1,200 baht for a return ticket. Then you can spend all day exploring this enchanting area. 

5. Tour the Viewpoints 

As you might imagine from a dazzling destination like Phuket, there are some staggering views to behold – and views don’t cost a penny. Several viewpoints across the island allow you to witness the natural beauty of the location and the only thing you’ll need is fuel in your scooter. 

Where to stay

As with many tropical escapes, the main expenses come from travel and resorts. However, our guide to some super affordable places to stay in Thailand will help you stretch out in the sun for less. 

Whether you’re looking for a beachfront escape, a city stopover or a luxurious haven. You can find a site to suit you in Phuket. 

Hotel in Phuket
There are some incredible affordable hotels in Phuket. Photo by reisetopia on Unsplash

Start Your Affordable Adventure Today

Now you know how to save some sheckles on your next Thai adventure, including where to stay and what to do, you’re all set. 

But, before you go, why not familiarise yourself with our top tips for travelling to Thailand?

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