4 Best Holiday Destinations For Scuba Diving: By Experienced Diver & YouTuber Gerry Green

22/06/2021Tom Spruce

Experienced diver and YouTuber, Gerry Green, talks to us about her best holiday destinations for scuba diving.

Gerry Green taking pictures of some fish on a scuba diving trip
Diver & Youtuber Gerry Green talks to us about her best holiday destination for scuba diving

Gerry Green is a vastly experienced scuba diver who has over 1,000 submarine excursions under her belt. So we thought she was the perfect person to ask, what are the best holiday destinations for scuba diving?

More about Gerry 

In addition to her love of diving, Gerry also runs her own successful Youtube channel where she shares her submarine escapades with over 7.7k subscribers

Gerry’s soothing underwater videos have proven popular on the eponymous video sharing platform, with some gaining nearly 750k views. Her “Come Dive With Me…” series has now racked up over 230k views too. 

From lengthy relaxation videos to 20-minute clips documenting the weird and wonderful underwater critters she’s come across, Gerry’s seen it all.

So we wanted to get her opinion on the best holiday destinations for scuba diving. So, without further ado, over to Gerry to talk us through her top four. 

Gerry’s diving videos have piled up the views with many people commenting on their relaxing properties.

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4. The Caribbean

The Caribbean in general is a favourite of ours. It’s difficult to say where our favourite island for diving is though, as they are all so different. Our first choice would be Cozumel in Mexico where you can drift along in the current watching nurse sharks in a feeding frenzy or navigating through underground caves, like the Devil’s Throat – that’s really exciting!

Tobago has some interesting diving. Although the visibility wasn’t great, it improved on the Atlantic side of the island. Barbados is also one of the best holiday destinations for scuba diving. We recently took the chance to try the diving at Sandals Barbados, which was incredible. 

The ABC Islands are great too. The advantage of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire is that they are outside of the hurricane belt. Aruba has plenty of wrecks, including planes. Diving through an aeroplane, peering out of the windows and then swimming into the cockpit was a memorable experience. While Bonaire is the shore-diving capital of the world.

I’ve done quite a lot of diving in the Caribbean. But My ‘Come Dive With Me In the Caribbean‘ video goes through my experiences at each destination.

Find out what Gerry thought about diving at Sandals Barbados.

Gerry’s Caribbean compilation video takes you through all the top submarine spots in the area

3. The Maldives 

For it’s sheer variety, the Maldives takes the No. 3 spot.

We love having the freedom of diving just off the shores of different islands, as well as the excitement of going out on boat dives.

The Maldives delivers on huge critters like whale sharks, manta ray and reef sharks in addition to the beautiful eagle rays, marble rays, mobula rays and stingrays. But there’s also intriguing octopus and colourful coral fish adding even more variety to the submarine landscape.

Snorkelling off the shores can be amazing for non-divers as well.  I’ve made a video called ‘Come Dive with Me in the Maldives‘ where we encounter lots of the incredible creatures named above.

Be at one with the waves with an incredible Maldivian Over Water Villa break

This video sees us join Gerry on her Indian Ocean dive where she explored locations like Embudu, Villamendhoo, Ellaidhoo, Meedhupparu and Biyadhoo.

2. Philippines 

In a very closely fought second place is the Philippines.

The Philippines gave us our very best day of diving out of the 1,061 dives we’ve completed so far. Five incredible whalesharks stayed all day just cruising up and down the reef with us at the World Heritage Site of Tubbataha. It was astounding as they were so close I had to dodge out of their way. 

Whereas another day we has in the Philippines happened when we were looking at a huge sardine baitball just off the coast of Moalboal. Amazingly a whaleshark just glided through them and stayed to play with us. The Philippines also delivers on a huge number of colourful and interesting marine life. Too many to describe so if anybody is interested just look at my video called ‘Come Dive with Me in the Philippines‘.

The Philippines is often voted highly on many people’s top diving locations

1. Indonesia 

Our No. 1 holiday destination for scuba diving would have to be Indonesia.

We’ve been mesmerised by huge manta rays gliding over our heads and intrigued by smaller critters like the hairy frogfish and the weedy rhinopia. There’s also so many different types of octopus and cuttlefish to stare at, as well as entrancingly colourful corals and fish.

Indonesia has so many different islands offering a huge variety of diverse submarine environments. So many exciting encounters come to mind, like the day we dived with schooling hammerhead sharks. But words don’t do it justice so check out my video ‘Come Dive with Me in Indonesia‘.

Indonesia takes the top spot in our holiday diving destinations countdown

Ready to don your flippers?

If you’re ready to follow in Gerry’s flipper steps and explore the best holiday destinations for scuba diving. We can make sure you get your resort spot on. 

Click the button below to find out how you can get below the waves in either Gerry’s favourite Indonesia or another diving hotspot, Thailand. All thanks to the super-sleek Pavilions Resorts

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