The Pavilions Resorts: Secluded Five-Star Elegance In Bali Or Thailand (Updated August 2021)

31/08/2021Tom Spruce

Experience the epitome of secluded opulence at The Pavilions Resorts in two of the world’s most sought-after destinations.

Sunset view from a room at the Pavilions Phuket Thailand resort
The Pavilions Resorts provide the perfect place to stay in Bali or Phuket

Secluded stunners

Whether you’ve settled the age-old debate of wanting to visit Bali or Thailand, or you’re still yet to decide. You can make your choice in the comfort of knowing, when you book a stay at The Pavilions Resorts, you’ll be in the lap of secluded luxury.

If you don’t know them, The Pavilions Bali, The Pavilions Phuket and The Pavilions Suites are three super-slick resorts away from the hustle and bustle of the usual tourist areas in two popular Southeast Asian destinations.

But what makes this teriffic trio so appealing? We’ll take a look at the resorts and show you just why they’re at the pinnacle of holidaying in Bali and Thailand.

Poolside shot at the Pavilions Bali resort
The main pool at The Pavilions Bali is a soothing space

Location, location, location

We touched on it above, but The Pavilions resorts benefit from unique positioning in both destinations.

From the moment you arrive on the scene of The Pavilions Phuket and The Pavilions Suites you’re dazzled by the incredible views out over the Andaman Sea.

The resorts are two areas of the same development, etched into the green hillside above stunning Layan Bay (but more about that later). As we said, the views are sensational. But the juxtaposition of those stunning wild natural surroundings against the modern opulence you check-in to is just as striking.

Exterior shot of the Pavilions Phuket Thailand resort
How special does the Phuket resort look tucked into the hillside

The Phuket destination offers seclusion through altitude, whereas The Pavilions Bali manages to deliver it in a completely alternative way. Shrouded by vibrant gardens the resort offers a soothing and romantic setting for your break.

But the great thing about its location is the fact that it’s just minutes from stunning Sanur. With its sense-tingling streets and powder white-sand beach, it’s a must experience.

Check out our guide to the best things to do in Sanur to get your Bali itinerary sorted.

A drone image of the main pool at The Pavilions Bali resort
Choose to stay below the hill line in stunning seclusion in Bali

A place to lay your head

The feeling of elegance follows you around both resorts, all the way through to your bedroom. From standing in your suite or villa you can feel the team at The Pavilions resorts have a flair for the dramatic.

Phuket accommodation

Over in the Phuket resort the hotel team will walk you through to your suite or villa. Dependant on which side of the resort you’re based, you’ll be smacked in the face by those incredible views of either the bay or the lush green hillside.

If you can, we recommend dialling up the indulgence, upgrade to a super-opulent Pool Villa. Then you can soak in those special views from the comfort of your very own infinity pool too.

  • Inside shot of the bedroom in an Ocean View Pool Villa at the Pavilions Phuket
  • The living area in an Ocean View Pool Villa at the Pavilions Phuket
  • The stylish hallway leading to your living area in an Ocean View Pool Villa at the Pavilions Phuket
  • Luxurious soaking bathtub in the bathroom of an Ocean View Pool Villa at the Pavilions Phuket
  • View from a room at The Pavilions Phuket

Suite accommodation

Now we know we originally said this was a tale of two resorts. However, there is a third option when it comes to staying pulling up a pew in The Pavilions. At the Phuket resort there’s also the option to stay at The Pavilions Suites. You get the benefit of using the Pavilions Phuket amenities, but the added bonus of rooming in a spacious suite. 

The Pavilions Suites are another element of the Thai resort which seeks to dial up the comfort even further. The larger suites deliver more of a home-from-home vibe for your stay. Separate living, dining and bedrooms add spacious elegance to your stay. 

Alongside the palatial space inside your suite you’ll also be treated to those gorgeous views out over the verdant Phuket hills. Although, the green-fingered amongst you may want to trade those hilly views for that of the blooming resort gardens

  • Garden View Villa at Pavilions Suites
  • Bedroom of a Garden Villa
  • Views of the Pavilions Suites gardens from your bedroom
  • Modern bathroom at the resort
  • The open-plan dining and living areas
  • Tropical View Suites
  • Modern and light living area
  • Comfortable sofa in the living area of a tropical view suite in the Pavilion Suites
  • king-size bed in the suite bedroom
  • Standalone bath in the contemporary bathroom

Bali accommodation

Comparatively, the Bali resort boasts all-villa accommodation which just screams elegance. The contemporary styling and accessories keep it very much in the present. But the classic touches of Balinese design make it truly special.

In a Pool Villa you’ll be treated to your own private manicured garden in which you’ll find an elegant outdoor rain shower and sun deck area.

In addition to all this you have your own private pool to take a cooling dip when the sun gets too warm. It’s the ultimate home-from-home experience – but obviously slightly embellished because I’m not sure how many of you have a private pool and tropical garden in your back yard.

  • A shot from the veranda of a One Bedroom Pool Villa at The Pavilions Bali
  • A spacious open-air living area in a One Bedroom Pool Villa at The Pavilions Bali
  • A lush garden area in the One Bedroom Pool Villa at The Pavilions Bali
  • A shot of the outdoor soaking bathtub in a One Bedroom Pool Villa at The Pavilions Bali
  • Interior shot of the bedroom in a One Bedroom Pool Villa at The Pavilions Bali
  • picture from inside the bathroom of a One Bedroom Pool Villa at The Pavilions Bali
  • the contemporary living area in a One Bedroom Pool Villa at The Pavilions Bali

Elegant eats

Both destinations take a local and eco-friendly approach to filling their menus. Gathering ingredients from local merchants and, in some cases, the resort gardens themselves. This modus operandi means you’re getting the ingredients at their freshest. The Phuket resort boasts two restaurants and one bar, while in Bali there’s one restaurant and bar.

In addition to the restaurants, both destinations also offer special dining experiences. Sample anything from a chilled breakfast in your villa to afternoon tea and even a Picasso dessert table –  delicious edible art.

Let’s talk Plantation Club

Mealtimes at The Pavilions Phuket and The Pavilions Suites are an event. Especially when you choose to pull up a chair at The Plantation Club.

This award-winning restaurant combines the incredible design and stunning views of the rest of the resort, with mouth-watering fare from across the world.

The absolute perfect place for a romantic meal or a special occasion. We promise you won’t have a better meal experience in Phuket – maybe even your life!

  • the view from Plantation Club restaurant in Phuket
  • Romantic setting of Plantation Club Restaurant, Phuket
  • the exterior seating area at Plantation Club
  • A drone shot of the entrance to Plantation Club

Jump for Jahe

While the Bali resort has one less restaurant than that of its Phuket-based sister, Jahe Restaurant still has the ability to make your jaw hit the floor.

Hidden away in the resort gardens you can enjoy having a secluded spot to retreat to every mealtime. International and Indonesian favourites are served daily and, trust us, they’re delicious.

Because it’s only minutes from Sanur, you could also easily take a short walk or transfer from the resort into town. We recommend sampling all the culinary delights of Jalan Panau Doso. A street in Sanur which is, literally, wall to wall “warungs” or restaurants.

  • An evening meal set out in a pagoda in the ground of the Pavilions Bali
  • Romantic dinner table set up at a resort in Bali
  • Master chef leads a Balinese cooking class
  • Thai cooking classes are available at the Pavilions Bali
  • A pool snack sizzles on a decorative skillet

Top tipples

We can’t talk about the restaurants at the Pavilions resorts without mentioning one of the highlights, 360° Bar at the Phuket development.

This may well be the most incredible bar in the world. Sip beautiful cocktails and snack on delicious tapas while you enjoy sparkling views out over stunning Layan Beach and the Andaman Sea. Conversation, cocktails, tapas and views… what more could you want?

In the Bali resort you can sit, sip and savour stunning cocktails as you lounge around the pool. The Poolside Bar isn’t quite as special as the 360° Bar in Phuket. However, around the pool in the secret garden you’re promised a soothing atmosphere.

  • Shot from sunset at 360° Bar, Phuket
  • The view from the bar at 360° Bar, Phuket
  • Landscape shot of the surroundings from 360° Bar, Phuket

What to do

If you find that one day you don’t fancy visiting the soothing spas, taking a cooking class or generally chilling in the resorts. Take the chance to head out on some unforgettable adventures prepared by the hotel teams.

Both resorts offer “Curated Journeys” excursion packages. You have to pay for these adventures but, believe us when we say, they’re so worth the added cost. The Curated Journeys offering is tailored to each destination and the local points of interest.

A selection of tipples and snacks available at the Bali Poolside Bar

Curated Journeys

If you’re an animal lover the ‘Feeling Good’ excursion package at the Phuket resort is not to be missed. Check out wonderful organisations like the Sanoi Dog Foundation, a Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre and on to the only ethically ran elephant sanctuary in Phuket.

Watch as the attentive staff in these organisations love and care for the animals. Go from feeding stray dogs to releasing rehabilitated gibbons back into the wild and washing majestic elephants.

If there’s a more memorable day to be had in Phuket we don’t want to hear about it.

An elephant walks through the forest in Thailand
The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is one of a few ethical sanctuaries in Thailand

Meanwhile at The Pavilions Bali you can choose to embark on a romance-infused five-day itinerary. This adventure will see you exploring UNESCO World Heritage sites, marvelling at temples, visiting a native village and discovering hidden waterfalls.

The perfect way to get a full picture of the incredible region you’re staying in.

Beautiful temples in Bali
Discover some of the most incredible sites in Bali

Sparkling shorelines 

As we said before both resorts aren’t exactly beachfront properties. However, that doesn’t mean you’re miles away from the sand. In fact, from your perch at Pavilions Phuket you overlook Layan Beach.

Layan is a perfect stretch of powder white-sand with the gentle emerald Andaman Sea waters lapping against the shore. It’s a quiet beach which the resort enjoys almost exclusive access to. So, you don’t have to worry about commandeering a sun lounger. Plus, if you have a suite or villa which overlooks the bay you can keep tabs on the beach status throughout the day.

In Bali take some time away from the resort by making the short trip down to the golden sands of Sanur Beach. One of the best beaches in Bali you can choose to chill on the sand, splash in the surf or stroll along the promenade. If you have a day spare we recommend hiring a bicycle and pedalling along the promenade.

Layan Beach, Phuket
Picture-perfect Layan Beach

Made up your mind?

Admitedly, we’re not sure if knowing that both destinations offer luxurious Pavilions resorts will help your Bali or Thailand decision-making. 

But, as we said at the start, at least you can relax knowing regardless of whether you choose The Pavilions Phuket, The Pavilions Suites or The Pavilions Bali, you’re digs will be delightful. 

However, if you’ve made up your mind click the big blue button below to get started on your quote. Your Southeast Asia adventure starts here!

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