5 Tropical Webcams to Help Quench Your Wanderlust

22/01/2021Tom Spruce

These tropical webcams are perfectly placed to satiate your lockdown travel blues. 

Tropical webcams can act as windows to brighter pictures

We’re not going anywhere right now and for wandering souls like ourselves, that can be a pretty bitter pill to swallow.  

As the UK continues to struggle in getting to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are having to put our travel plans on hold for the moment.  

Battling the lockdown blues 

Some picture-perfect landscape should dissolve that lockdown boredom

However, we still have plenty of ways to take our minds beyond the confines of our houses, even if our bodies can’t join them for the moment.  

We’ve all found it hard to stay positive during this incredibly trying time. One thing we’ve found really helps chase away the lockdown gloom away is travelling with your mind 

Activities like reading travel books and taking in the odd explorative documentary have helped. We’ve also been looking through some amazing tropical webcams to help deliver escapism 

Where are these wonderful webcams?

We thought we’d share some of the sunny feeds that are pulling us through the darkness  

These five tropical webcams come from stunning destinationlike the Maldives, Mauritius, Egypt and Phuket.

Travel the world from your armchair.  

Mauritius – Poste La Fayette Beach

A tropical beach landscape in Mauritius
Why wouldn’t you want to check out a tropical webcam when it can bring you closer to places like this?!

First stop on our journey of optical wonderment is spectacular Mauritius. This webcam sits in the grounds of the incredibly opulent One & Only Le Saint Geran resort on Poste La Fayette Beach. Located in the Flacq district on the east coast of the island, you can embody the look of wistful fisherperson staring longingly out to sea.  

Transport yourself to the sparkling shores of Mauritius by taking a long hard look down the lens of this beautifully placed camera. Check out the webcam for yourself.

Bali – Canggu Beach 

Spend some hours chilling and watching the surfers in Bali

If you know Indonesia at all then you’ll know Canggu is one of the best beaches in BaliA stunning stretch of volcanic black sand and azure waters help make the coastline iconic.  

Time your viewing right and you may be able to spy some surfers cutting some serious lines in the waves. Bali is renowned for being one of the best locations in the world for surfing. So, there’s always someone crashing about in the surf. Be transported to Canggu Beach now. 

Phuket – Patong Beach 

Get a bird’s eye view of superb Patong Beach

We’re heading out to the Andaman Sea now and to Patong Beach in Phuket. This incredible destination on the east coast of the island just off Thailand is a firm favourite with millions of tourists a year 

This live stream, which you can pick up through Youtube, brings all the beauty of Patong Beach into your living room. The crescent shaped shoreline is usually bustling with people relaxing in the sea, playing on the soft sand or milling around the cafes, bars and restaurants.  

Maldives – Meeru Island

Maldives Bake Off Quiz
Is there a more photogenic country in the world than the Maldives?

Here’s one we think you’ll really like! Get ready, we’re heading off to the Maldives and you might want to bring your swimming costume.

Our next webcam lies just off the incredible Meeru Island, a tiny speck of land in the North Male Atoll. 

We say the camera lies “just off” the island as this treat lies beneath the waves. Submerged below the shimmering ocean surface you’ll discover a world of mesmerising marine life in the Maldives.

Make the virtual trip to the Maldives now

Live Cam Underwater cam in Meeru Island - Maldives

Egypt – El Gouna, Hurghada

Take a virtual journey to he unique coastline of Hurghada

A popular haunt with tourists all over the world El Gouna, Hurghada lies on the coast of the majestic Red Sea and offers visitors year-round sun, shopping and diving in abundance. Easy to see why it attracts so many travellers.  

Gaze out over the Red Sea and the golden sand beach and, if you focus hard enough, you’ll start feeling the warmth from the Egyptian sun on your face. It’s either the Egyptian sun or you’re sitting too close to the radiator. Banish those travel blues with a live stream of El Gouna. 

Broadcast is powered by Baltic Live Cam

As we said, this is an incredibly difficult time for all of us, especially those who don’t like to linger in one place.  

We’d all rather be on the beach right now. But hopefully these incredible feeds bring you a little closer to the coastlines we all love.  

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