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One of Europe’s best kept holidaying secrets. Bulgaria is a place like no other. With sprawling Blue Flag certified beaches, mountainous inlands, mighty rivers, and history-packed towns and cities if you’re bored of Bulgaria, you’re bored of life. The Black Sea coast is one of the fastest up-and-coming holiday destinations in Europe, and with so much to do and so many stunning resorts to check out, it’s easy to see why.

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Dramatic volcanic crags and sweeping beachfronts make Cape Verde an archipelago with an unparallelled silhouette, where Saharan trade winds roll over a unique fusion of Portuguese-African culture and Eastern-Atlantic cuisine. You're just off the northwest coast of Africa in the region's most westernised destination, so you can sample new cultures within the reassuring comforts of familiar holidaymaking philosophies.

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Cape Verde

From centuries old military leaders and to modern-day movers, everyone loves Cyprus and it's easy to see why. With a history which stretches back to the time of Gods and Goddesses, an incredibly changeable landscape promising adventures galore, attractive beaches and even more attractive menus, what's not to like? Couple European excursions with Caribbean-esque beaches and you have holiday manner from heaven, it's no wonder the Gods chose to set up shop here.

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Dubai has erupted onto the centre stage of commerce from the humblest of beginnings, creating a breeding ground for world-leading luxury hotels and high-class shopping. Sample some retail therapy, dine on the planet's finest cuisine and discover urban curiosities that can only exist in Dubai. Short city escapes and multi-centre adventures have flourished in Dubai, and a stay here is like sampling a buffet of global culture.

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Egypt holds the key to the best-value winter sun known to Mankind. Sun and clement weather is pretty much a given all year round, and all-inclusive coastal hideaways on the Red Sea form the backbone of Egypt's super affordable holiday portfolio. Further afield you can find the renowned historical monuments familiar to everyone, such as the pyramids, the sphinx, and the Souks, making the eclectic variety of Egypt a flexible virtuoso of holiday possibilities.

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A beach-lovers haven awaits in Goa where white-sands stretch along the Arabian Sea. From the beaches of Baga and Palolem where the lively atmosphere and night-life infuses the environs, to the laid-back fishing village of Agonda which calls for a classic fly and flop escape. Infused with Portuguese architectural and spice influences, Goa is an escape for all of the senses.

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From Olympic scale beginnings steeped in myth and legend to a modern and thriving cosmopolis, Greece has the magic to make holiday dreams come true. With a contagious zeal for life, this friendly nation is renowned for their hospitality and distinctive Mamma Mia! charm. Exquisite coastlines dotted with pink sand beaches, and whitewashed sugar cube towns are just the start of what the country has to offer. With historical sights and mouth-watering cuisine at every turn, Greece will have you coming for the sun but staying for the culture. Discover for yourself why these lands are loved by so many, including the Gods and Goddesses of old.

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If you want to experience true diversity on your getaway, then few places compare to Indonesia. The largest archipelago in the world, over 17,000 islands make up this nation which stretches over two continents along the equator. Sharing borders with a myriad of amazing countries from Papua New Guinea to Malaysia. Indonesia’s sheer size has meant that millions of people and thousands of cultures have added their special influences to create a true melting pot. Immerse yourself in complete diversity on your escape by exploring anywhere from the beguiling beaches of Bali to the bustling metropolises of Jakarta and Sumatra.

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Mauritius has an otherworldly essence to its wildlife that's unique in the world, let alone amongst Indian Ocean destinations. Whales, dolphins, monkeys and giant tortoises all call Mauritius home, imbibing the landscapes with a sense of prehistoric mysticism unlike any other long-haul escape. Coupled with some of the world's leading resorts, ranging from boutique hideaways to grand luxury, Mauritius sees the Old World, the New World and times before memory coalescence into an island nation even greater than the sum of its parts.

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Known as the Jewel of Arabia, Oman is a traditional country home to some dramatic landscapes featuring rugged mountain ranges, vast deserts and quiet white sand beaches. Here you can explore caves, go trekking and scale to new heights whilst rock-climbing. Take a visit the traditional Omani villages or visit the cosmopolitan capital of Muscat, blending traditional seafaring heritage with modernity. Marvel at Oman's many palaces, forts, museums and mosques reflecting the country's cultural heritage as one of the oldest civilisations on the Arabian Peninsula.

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A myriad of cobblestone streets, hilltop castles, vineyards and dramatic walled towns Portugal is a haven for culture seekers and beach lovers alike. Play at royalty in the magnificent palaces of Belém or capture the perfect sunset at Cabo de Sáo Vicente, there is a breath-taking experience to suit any temperament in one of the Europe’s oldest extant nations. Find the birthplaces of adventurers and discover ancient kingdoms in the diversity of a country bursting with friendly faces and picture-perfect sights.

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Occupying an enviable spot on the Indian Ocean, Réunion Island sits a short stretch of ocean away from the shimmering shores of Mauritius, fringed in pristine beaches and captivating coral reefs. A climbable volcano and its lush rainforest interior make it the perfect destination for active travellers whilst the dreamy beaches lined with pampering resorts make it a haven for those looking for the ultimate sun-filled escape.

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Each of the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles exudes an undeniable utopian essence quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Everything here reads from the textbook for paradise: crystalline waters, powder-fine sands, tropical greenery and primal blue-green colours wash over every inch of the Seychelles. Turtles, tortoises and whale sharks are just some of the natives that call the Seychelles home, all of which coexist harmoniously with ultra-luxurious hotels. Honeymooners have flocked to the Seychelles for many turns, and one look at the photos is all the reason you need to follow suit.

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The land of flamenco and tapas awaits with a myriad of exciting discoveries. Thrill in the delights of flamenco in Andalucía or revel in the bohemian atmosphere of the Balearic Islands and discover secluded islands and bubbling beachfront towns in a variety of colourful destinations bursting with life.

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Sri Lanka is a multicultural melange of countless historical narratives, incorporating 8 UNESCO world heritage sites that represent its 2000-year history. Temples and jungles add extra layers of excitement to journeys of discovery across Sri Lanka's arterial web of hidden trails and curious monuments. From the highlands to the waterfronts, Sri Lanka is a nation of unmatched diversity.

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Sri Lanka

Thailand is vast in ways that are hard to encapsulate in words. Most long-haul destinations can boast the golden hues of sand and sunshine, but few have the precious pearlescence of temples, religions and ceremonies found in Thailand. Variety isn't just a description for Thailand; it's the backbone of its culture. Traditions, flavours, architecture and philosophies mingle together, forming one of the most dynamically colourful nations in the long-haul holidaymaker's repertoire.

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Few places look better in real life than they do in the brochures, but The Maldives were never atolls to conform. Each seascape and beachfront looks lifted from a movie screen, with the added thrall of the scents and textures of a real world paradise. 26 atolls make up The Maldives, and each island has its own personality, ranging from sequestered boutique escapes to luxury all-inclusive hideaways. Leave your worries behind with a foray into the Indian Ocean.

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The Maldives

From golden beaches to cafés serving up a glass of apple tea, Turkey is a nation of intriguing cultures and incredible sights. Whether you are paragliding in Ólúdeniz or paddling through captivating waterfalls, Turkey has something to beguile and amaze at every turn.

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Widely known as the playground of the rich and famous. Whether it’s to take in the majesty of the stunning Arabian Gulf or to revel in the opulence of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix or the many Horse Racing festivals, the great the good flock to the United Arab Emirates in their droves. Made up of seven individual emirates including Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai the UAE has long been the place to be for a stylish escape. Popular destinations like Abu Dhabi and Dubai offer a taste of the heady A-list lifestyle with stunning skylines and glistening shores. Whereas Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah offer a more untouched type of Arabian experience for those looking to get to know the real UAE without being blinded by bling.

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United Arab Emirates